Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Me-Made-March 2011 - Day 8

My outfit yesterday.
Wearing a re-fashioned stretch jersey skirt. I've had it for years but never wore it because I didn't like the shape. (Well, I did like it when i bought it but I think that was influenced by my cousin who was with me when I bought it for an interview - she really liked it then so thought I couldn't go wrong.)
Clearly I need to like something myself so I changed it and now i actually do like it. It's now a straight cut rather than the previous A-Line flare.

And yes, that is the sun shining through our front door at just before 8am yesterday.


jessica said...

Nice save with the skirt! It looks like it has great potential for frequent wearing ... so long as it is a silhouette that you like =). I think it looks great =).

Ally said...

Thanks Jessica :)
Really loving it now. Can't believe I haven't altered it earlier. Glad I didn't give it away.
Will wear it with my lovely favourite boots tomorrow (Still quite thin on the ground when it comes to me-made clothing - slowly getting there).