Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Kleid Versuch #2

I finally finished it! My second dress that I started working on.... too long ago to remember.
It's been hanging over the chair in our "dining room/winter garden" staring at me reproachfully for weeks, even months. I finished it last Sunday and wore it for dinner. I will not be bullied by my obsession with perfectionism.

Pattern: Sheath dress from the "Dresses" book of Wendy
Material: Unidentified dark green jersey stretch that has previously been used as a cover up for our Christmas tree stand last year - does that qualify as a re-fashion/recycle?


  • I have to get expert advice on how to deal with a big bust and a very small & narrow back
  • Slowly and carefully step away from working with stretch fabrics - if I do I might even end up with a wearable garment
  • Do not insert a zip into stretchy material (at least not until you have had expert advice on it!)
  • Maybe a sheath dress with raglan sleeves is not ideal for my figure.
  • But the most important learning is that I can finish a project, get over the initial paralysis that seems to envelop me everytime I start a new project which keeps me from working on it in case I do soemthing wrong and create a garment I can (almost) wear.

The next steps are:
Take the zip out again (Such a pain, I've been soooooo good putting it in - but at least now I know how to)
Do something with the collar (WHAT?!) so it lies flat
Wear it in public

There's a lot of fabric in my wardrobe waiting for me to work with it.
Me thinks I will stick to simpler tops and skirts for the next couple of projects...

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Anonymous said...

well done, can I place an order for a work top or a pencil skirt for me ;-)
Nasti xxx