Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Dear Santa (IV),

Hope you survived Christmas ok what with all the biscuits, mince pies and whiskey/milk that kids have been putting out for you... how did it go? What was your favourite bit?

Thanks for bringing me my books - I really love them all and will read them as soon as I've finished with Harry!
Just wanted to say thanks for the bestest Christmas gift - a lovely sunny day yesterday - which I am sure you have sent around to us poor sods in the UK from your Hawaii home. Really appreciated it.
Unfortunately it's sort of gone now... actually it's pouring right now... was that meant to be?
Don't wanna sound ungrateful or anything, but if you could send another one around it'd be great.

Lots of love
xxx Ally


Santa said...

Dear Ally,

Why, that's a rather nice surprise to hear from you! Most people forget all about Santa once the 25th of December has passed.
My Christmas was hectic as usual - sometimes I do wonder why I even bother. It's not like I actually get to watch people unpack their presents and see the joy on their faces. So the job sometimes feels like a very unthankful one, as you can imagine. Very little 'real' job satisfaction, most of it is 'imagined'. Still, it's a job and in this day and age of recession one ought to be thankful for whatever one has.

I would like to take credit for the lovely day yesterday (I would like to point out that only the southern parts of the UK enjoyed the sun - Scotland and Northern Ireland were plagued by snow and rain) but it's nothing to do with me. Mother Earth has her own schedule and decision-making powers that she uses as and when she sees fit.
I have tried to take her out to dinner more than once (this was way before I met Mrs. Claus, of course) but she's a very hands-on woman. Quite controlling too, so a bit difficult to deal with. When she sets her mind to something, there's no changing it. I did try to get her to chill in hurricane season a few years back but that really upset her and Katrina was the result. Never mess with a woman on a mission was the lesson I took away from that (and you should know, you are one, after all).

Hawaii is lovely this time of year, but then again, when isn't it. I'm glad to see 2012 has started on a good footing and I shall hope it will continue this way. I will be hanging out at the beach for the foreseeable future, in order to de-stress - I might even get back in touch to get some book recommendations from you, if that's ok.
I have added your blog to my RSS reader (yes, I'm that high-tech! Impressed?) so I will keep updated with what you're doing (provided you are willing to share, of course).

Have a lovely 2012 and enjoy the books!


P.S. I'm SO high-tech in fact, that I've noticed that the time zone setting on your blog is set incorrectly (-8 hours). Go into your blog settings and put it right so that one knows when you have actually updated the blog. You're doing all your readers a big service. Cheerio with cherries on top!

Ally said...

Dear Santa,

I did always wonder why the time on my blog is incorrect – but never enough to actually investigate. I shall correct it right now. (You a bit of a stickler for details, huh? Not judging.)

Enjoy your relaxing time off in Hawaii (or is that on Hawaii, as it’s an island strictly speaking...?)!
And please do send me book recommendations when you come across something nice – I always love to get new reading inspiration!

Don’t forget the sunscreen!
Love, ally