Monday, 20 February 2012

I am in love

This weekend we went to Bath courtsey of my sister's generosity in sharing part of her bonus with us (Yeah, I know. She's amazing!).

We dined, we slept, we enjoyed each other's company and beautiful views out of our hotel window and a lovely stay at an old manor house called Rudloe Hall with quirky old fashioned decor including a funky bed with some sort of canopy above it - very cute.

The highlight of the trip was - without a doubt - stumbling into Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights
I was, and still am, quite overwhelmed at how much "me" this place is.

They run events.
They have a READING SPA  where a bibliotherapist will "gather and introduce you to a tower of books specially selected to suit your reading tastes".
They have a fireplace upstairs where you can sit in peace and quiet and read. All day long if you wish to.
They bring you a cup of tea if you'd like one.
They have loads of suggestions from the owners, employees and customers on what their favourite books are and why.
They have a very interesting partly quirky selection of books that goes beyond the standard book inventory.
They are very friendly people themselves ( Mr B was not actually there on that day).

And that's not all! Then we stop off at this cute underground teashop with scrumptious cakes and even more delicious teas and end the evening in a fabulous pub in Corsham called "The Two Pigs" which turns out to be serving great ales and is playing a great mix of rock, jazz, rock n roll and big band music.

A really good weekend.


Maky said...

Duuuuuuuuuuuuude... that bookshop looks AMAZING!!! We should open one just like that here!!!

Ally said...

I know! It's really fabulous. Location is so important though. Would need to be quite central.

Man I love this place!

It's like The Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle - which has a similar setting just MUCH bigger and less "homey" compared to Mr B's Emporium. Still very cool.