Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Happy MeMadeMay'12 everyone - or: What!? It's May already? Damn, I didn't put on anything self made this morning!

Luckily, as a "jobseeker" (or so they call me nowadays) that mistake was easily rectified by going straight back home and pulling on my new "La dolce vita blouse" with the most colourful and crazy pattern ever!
I found the pattern in a book called "Sew what you love" by Tanya Whelan which I borrowed from my local library.
I copied three patterns out of it (all of them in two sizes, as I'm regularly going up and down a size - utter frustration but hey! That's life.) and you will see all of the garments at some point this month.

So without further ado let me introduce my a hippy had an accident with a clown blouse. I love the colours! It totally makes me happy.
I bought it in Germany when shopping with my mom and it was on sale for 6.95EUR/meter. This top required only one meter and I have plenty left to make on for my sister as well - but we can't wear it at the same time!

I'm glad I didn't make this as a dress... might've been a bit much methinks.

This is definitely a pattern I will use a lot - it's sooo easy to make! And Jersey fabrics are very flattering for my curves.
It's the first time I've used a shirring technique and an elastic thread - soooo easy and such a cute effect!

Have a lovely 1st of May everyone!

Note to self: Need to make some long sleeved garments or even some cardigans to be able to wear me made items in the UK. But luckily I'll be off to sunny South Africa in a few days so should be doing just fine with what I have at the moment.

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