Thursday, 24 May 2012

Me Made May '12

Hello everyone!

We've come back from South Africa and it was AMAZING!
I have managed to wear me mades every day (currently am as well) but as there are not that many items in total, I will only post an image per clothing... I'll make up for it with amazing locations!

In no particular order here is me wearing me made garments.

At Inkwenkwezi Game Resort - sporting my new dress (inspiringly named: Go-to Top or Dress) made from a pattern I found in a book called "Sew what you love" by Tanya Whelan - after seeing the lions SOOOOOO close that I was totally thrilled to be still alive hence the big smile.
You think I'm kidding? I'm not. Look out for another post later today!

Me (and Julian's shadow) at Plettenberg Bay beach where we spent a lovely day with Bron, Gordon and Sophie. I'm wearing the "La Dolce Vita" blouse from before mentioned book (they're so quick to sew and really comfy and flattering to my figure.) made with a fabric that I bought in Cologne when shopping with my mom.*Hi Ma!*

At Beacon Bay beach wearing my "Everyday Knit Tunic" from aforementioned book (I told you it had great wearables!) enjoying the South African autumn sun.

And just because it's a bit of a fun picture me on another day wearing my "la Dolce Vita" blouse with a Fat Face jeans skirt.

This is the first ever top I made - call it a wearable muslin - a couple of years ago. I used the Simplicity 2593 Cynthia Rowley pattern and a flowery cotton which is quite stiff.

I have made on  in a more flowing stripy fabric (below) but i look like I'm ready to murder someone and as you can see I've been driving all day in it hence the scruffy look.

My wrap dress which I have made with the (material and expert help) of the following ladies:
At the last Brighton Swap the lovely Claire from Sew, incidentally kindly brought the fabric which I have previously blogged about here. And the lovely Stevie from Beebee's Vintage Dress brought the pattern which I then made (with a bit of expert advice from Stevie, Rehanon from MissDemeanour and Jane from Handmade Jane - thank you ladies!) into this dress. Which fits me better then it looks in that picture.

Here it is again, I'm wearing it right now and is super comfy and fits like a glove and I'm about to make a new one with a different material (also brought by Claire to the brighton Fabric Swap).

That really leaves just one self made item that I have worn but not posted about here - I've made a circle skirt but the wearability of it was not ideal (Imagine sitting down in the car and trying to ensure that the circle skirt fabric doesn't get caught in the car door.).
No picuters of it but a short film of me running down the beach - will see if I manage to upload it here.

I've bought a few lovely fabrics while in SA but that will be for another post.
I will be making another Renfrew - short sleeved and with some more alterations around the shoulders.(Currently I cut a 4 hips, 0 waist and 4 busts but looks like shoulders will have to be a 0 as well - is that possible?!?!)

Happy Thursday everyone!

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