Monday, 28 May 2012

South Africa

Beacon Bay, East London

Inkwenkwezi Game Park

Seriously, we were soooo close to the lions!

That's a Hadeda bird.

It has a distinctively loud and recognisable haa-haa-haa-de-dah call 
that is often heard when the birds are flying or are startled, hence the name.

At Addo Elephant Park, which is a game reserve that houses 
the Big Five as well as other lovely creatures...


Oh yes, that's a Hyena!

On our way to Cape Town

Our view from our hotel room in Cape Town

Table Mountain. No view down, no view up but once we were above the clouds...!

Our last morning in South Africa, even the skies were sad.


simone said...

Die Fotos sind sooooooooo toll. Löwen sind halt doch fotogener als Stubentieger Molly:-)

simone said...

Ähhhh, tiger ohne e meine ich natürlich!

Bron said...

So sooo cool!
Ps it was Nahoon Beach ;-)