Thursday, 12 July 2012

Beach Bag - Nautical style - Stripe heaven

Well, so we have friends whose daughter turned 16 - and we forgot her birthday! Eeeek!
So I decided to make her a bag - like, 16 year old girls like bags, right? I mean any girl likes a bag...
So I bought this gorgeous stripy fabric which I believe is meant to be upholstery fabric for £11/meter (Don't tell Julian!) but they only had 70cm so it wasn't too bad, bought some lovely white piping, dug out the blue fabric which I bought some years back with the plan to make a dress with it and took out my pattern for Verypurpleperson's reversible bag. Voila!

I prefer the stripes on the outside and frankly, as far as I'm concerned both sides could do with an anchor or ship applique but figured some 16 year olds prefer to blend in than to stand out so I didn't go that far.


Irene said...

Die ist wirklich sehr schön geworden Süße!
Ich hab übrigens auch bald Geburtstag! ;-) *mit dem Zaunpfahl winkend*

Ally said...

Hehehehe! Die muesste dann aber gruen werden, nicht wahr?!

Anonymous said...

senr schön, die kopiere ich!-mit anderem stöffchen, aber der schnitt ist ja toll. bin selbst grade zu zeitarm um schnitte selbst zu entwickeln!
vlg n gb jps