Thursday, 5 July 2012

This is not a tv test card

Although I do admit that it might look like one... Remember them?!

We need to get new sofa covers as the armrest and back covers have ripped and my other half didn't think about the lovely sewing machine currently cohabiting with us and threw it promptly away while I was gone for the weekend thinking that it's ripped, hence cannot be used anymore... But I'm not bitter.

So we need to get a new set.
After some research turns out that IKEA's options are horrendous.
Horrendously expensive or horrendously looking.
We decided to get another white version (which is filthy within days of washing!) and dye it.

I bought four different colours to see which one we like best. I went for iDye, which the lovely peeps from Younghouselove used (successfully!)as described in this post.

Colour number one was Crimson.

I'm totally underwhelmed. The red didn't come out anywhere near as I was expecting it to. It's totally washed out and quite disappointing really. I was hoping for a stronger colour. I wonder if the salt that I used had anything to do with the way the colour looks. It's a different one to the salt I used with the other three.

 As a complete opposite I present you with (get the sunglasses ready) Violet - or so they call it. Really it's a ridiculously bright purple. See for yourself.

 I really don't know what to tell you about this one... it's quite BRIGHT and LOUD.

The next one I tried is Kelly green. I quite like it, nice apple green colour. 

And last but but no means least I tried Chartreuse, which is a limey, yellowy green. And I LOVE it. Unfortunately Julian couldn't hate it more... hehehe!
Admittedly having the whole sofa in this colour could require sunglasses and you might get a headache but BANG you'd totally wake up when you come into the room.

And as a special treat, here's all of them together as we're trying to decide which one to go with... Now does it remind you of a tv test card?!
(And yes, this is the width of our living room.)

What do you think?


Maky said...

OMG, OMG, OMG... YOu gotta keep them as they are!!!! They look fab!!!! (though the arm rests now look somewhat naked)

simone said...

Erinnerst du dich noch an den hier?


Ally said...

Oh mein Gott!!! Hehehehe!

jessica said...

Hi Ally --- thanks for the kind comment on my latest post, its certainly true that we might write very different things if we focused in on the positives! (I used to have this nighttime ritual where I'd journal 3-5 good things that happened that day, hm, that was really nice, I should get back into the habit)

I agree, I think you should keep it this way, too :-). Otherwise my suggestion would be to pick up on the orange in the lampshade next to the couch and try to dye something similar (or maybe a deeper/more persimmony version of it?) Adventurous! Love it.