Monday, 10 September 2012

V&A Ballgowns exhibition + a group of talented ladies = a fantastic inspirational evening

I know I haven't posted for ages. Things happened. Mainly the 'Lympics (Para- and O-). Some bag making for my sisters birthday. Spending time with very good friends. Trying to abduct their cat Molly (unsuccessfully... this time around). Watching my gorgeous godson walk into school for the very first time. And some other stuff. Good and bad.

Meeting up with some awesome ladies at the V&A Ballgowns exhibition organised by the lovely Karen of Did You Make That was a highlight. Karen even took a picture of the gang post-exhibition/pre-pub. See if you can spot me.

The ladies inspired me to get going on making a dress - a "proper" one, not one made of jersey (Because it's forgiving. And it stretches if I've messed up some of the sewing) but a "real" dress.
Now that I've written it all over the internets I will have to do it.


Maky said...

You can make the Cambie dress!!!! I've got the pattern here! :D Lovely picture of you all!

Tania said...

Hi Ally, lovely to meet you on Friday- and good to have someone to share the train journey with!
You can definitely make a dress! My main tip to help ensure that you're happy with the end result would be measure-measure-measure! Check the pattern matches your body. And I'd check all of it, not just the standard checking-the-bodice-length, but also things like the shoulder width and sleeve length- the lot! It'll seem like a faff, but I think you'll then put the odds firmly in your corner that your dress will fit as you want it to without needing stretchy jersey fabric!
I'll look forward to seeing it! :)

Ally said...

Maky - the Cambie it is. I'll copy the pattern so you can use it later.

Tania - it was lovely meeting you and having someone to have a good conversation on the train with. Thanks for the tips on making a dress. I am very keen to see some of the things you made. If you don't have a blog on the horizon, drop me an email if you're happy to share allymanoleATgmailDOTcom

Maky said...

Hahahahha, bless you - that pattern is yours, babe! No way in hell will I ever get my head around measuring. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt (or is it dress?)

How's my beeeeeyutiful bag doing? :D