Tuesday, 21 May 2013

And today's learnings are proudly brought to you by "Think before you cut out your fabric with the stretch going the wrong way"

Especially when your item seems to be just that teeeeensy bit too small and a bit of stretch going the right way would've made it fit. Just.
Instead, if one of you is size S/M and finds she is cold while visiting, I can offer you a lovely slate coloured cardigan... I will not show you any pictures and will call this an unwearable muslin.

I'm changing the pattern as we speak and will cut it out again, with the stretch of the fabric the right way around...

The pattern btw is by iCandy. Stumbled across it via the lovely Ali from The Wardrobe Reimagined.
Thanks to both of you!


Tania said...

Uh oh! :(
Can you add a differently coloured binding to the neck and front to make it wider?!

Ally said...

I might even have a bit of the same coloured fabric to possibly mend the small version... will see how inspired I feel after finishing the second attempt.
I've made loads of rookie mistakes with the first attempt - funny moment when the penny dropped and I realised that this was never gonna fit. Made me laugh. And swear. A lot actually...