Monday 3 March 2014

DrapeDrape or Tania's achievement

I haven't been sewing for ages, and when I did, I haven't blogged about it.

So now I'm wondering if posting on my blog is like one of those moments when I catch myself talking to myself on the bus, or in the post office queue, loudly...

Anyways, the lovely Tania from FeelTheFearAndSewItAnyway fame posted a dead easy instruction on how to create your own drape drape asymmetrical T-shirt. And I followed it (and used my not so new but barely used overlocker) and made myself a very cool drapey shirt, which, I must admit will look awesome on me once I lost 3 or so kg, as in the pictures below I sucked it in.

The instructions were super easy to follow (thanks Tania!) and my hesitation to wait for the perfect pattern and not cut into lovely fabric out of fear that I mess it up, is a teensy bit smaller now.
That red super soft very slinky bamboo jersey was bought at Ditto in Brighton 2.5 years ago off their remnants table...! 

It feels heavenly!

Oh, and yes, the armholes are too tight and somehow the "sleeves" aren't the same length but other than that it's lovely. 

Monday 9 December 2013

Volunteering in the Philippines

This is what I've been doing while in the Philippines working with All Hands Volunteers.
The most rewarding way to spend a day.

Monday 17 June 2013

Did I hear you say overlocker?!?

Well, guess what my wonderful man gave me for my birthday!!!

Isn't she beautiful?
And look what she can do with a bit of scrap white jersey!
Got a renfrew cut out and ready to put together...

Any tips and tricks are very welcome!

Thursday 6 June 2013

MMMay '13 final

Well, what can I say... I planned to make three garments in May and I only made two. But I did make two cardigans (first one will not be shown to anyone).
The other one - this one's for you Tania - you can have a look below.
I've worn it quite a bit since I've made it although I am far from happy with it. I am still working on my ideal, cozy, comfy cardi with pockets... until then, this will do.

Tuesday 21 May 2013

And today's learnings are proudly brought to you by "Think before you cut out your fabric with the stretch going the wrong way"

Especially when your item seems to be just that teeeeensy bit too small and a bit of stretch going the right way would've made it fit. Just.
Instead, if one of you is size S/M and finds she is cold while visiting, I can offer you a lovely slate coloured cardigan... I will not show you any pictures and will call this an unwearable muslin.

I'm changing the pattern as we speak and will cut it out again, with the stretch of the fabric the right way around...

The pattern btw is by iCandy. Stumbled across it via the lovely Ali from The Wardrobe Reimagined.
Thanks to both of you!

Sunday 19 May 2013

MMMay'13 - I made a top!

Burda 2/2013, 126 Raglan Top

My first of the three announced makes for MMMay'13 and I kinda like it. Although, as with every other top, I will have to finally come to terms with adding an FBA before I even start...
That's going to be a bit easier once I have done my Bodice Block Class (planned for end of July/August) but until then I think for ease of life, I will make muslins, and if they're wearable, awesome! I have too much fabric in my stash that I'm not using anyway and am enjoying making and wearing my me-mades, even if they're not perfect.
With more experience, I hope that I will be able to create garments that fit from the start.

Anyways... getting philosophical here... Burda raglan top with gathers at the shoulder seams back and front.

The fabric I used I bought in East London, South Africa almost exactly one year ago!!! It was some soft teal knit but quite transparent so that I had to line (is that the right word?) the front and back pieces with another piece of the same fabric (I had enough fabric) which makes for a very soft top. Feels a bit like wearing a hug really... I have a couple of meters of the same fabric in stone/grey colour. Maybe a cardi?
I didn't bother finishing the hem - yet. I had this fabulous idea of cutting the outer layers longer than the inner layers and then connecting them on the inside, leaving the hem a bit like in this H&M top... see what I mean?

 But that didn't quite work out as planned... so maybe next time!

In a desperate attempt to find a place to use my phone as a camera (It had to be indoors in the end) I managed to take a picture when I was pulling a weird face - great!

See that? Same old, same old. Should've really thought of that beforehand. Very narrow shoulders means there's loads of fabric floating around.
Keep thinking of Ann from The Great British Sewing Bee - take your time to measure upfront, the result will be worth it.

Saturday 4 May 2013

Me Made May '13

As my MMM'13 challenge, I have decided to make at least three new items as the weather might not be good enough to wear any of the already existing ones and I'm staying true to my word.

Wednesday evening I copied out the Burda 2/2013 gathered sleeves top pattern as seen on many other blogs such as the lovely Melissa's at FehrTrade, who made the long sleeved version.

I totally forgot how much hard work it is to copy patterns out of Burdas. Also, is it just me, or has the quality of their pattern print gone downhill? Line printing is transferring onto facing pages. Irritating and confusing!

Anyhow, I am going to cut the fabric either tonight or tomorrow and by the end of Monday I'm planning to have a finished shirt ready to wear to work on Wednesday. The fabric I'm using is a petroleum/teal soft but rather see through knit (so I might have to wear a vest underneath) that I bought almost exactly one year ago (!) in East London, South Africa!

I also have a question for all of you... Is this a case of FBA needed?!? I'm thinking of extending this Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee to make a dress and wanted to ensure I've got the fit right. I wonder if a bit of twill tape on the shoulder line would've done the trick to stabilise the shoulders.

Also, I'm wearing something I've made myself (well, I did the other day!) and it's May! Whoop!