Monday 3 March 2014

DrapeDrape or Tania's achievement

I haven't been sewing for ages, and when I did, I haven't blogged about it.

So now I'm wondering if posting on my blog is like one of those moments when I catch myself talking to myself on the bus, or in the post office queue, loudly...

Anyways, the lovely Tania from FeelTheFearAndSewItAnyway fame posted a dead easy instruction on how to create your own drape drape asymmetrical T-shirt. And I followed it (and used my not so new but barely used overlocker) and made myself a very cool drapey shirt, which, I must admit will look awesome on me once I lost 3 or so kg, as in the pictures below I sucked it in.

The instructions were super easy to follow (thanks Tania!) and my hesitation to wait for the perfect pattern and not cut into lovely fabric out of fear that I mess it up, is a teensy bit smaller now.
That red super soft very slinky bamboo jersey was bought at Ditto in Brighton 2.5 years ago off their remnants table...! 

It feels heavenly!

Oh, and yes, the armholes are too tight and somehow the "sleeves" aren't the same length but other than that it's lovely. 

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Cecilia said...

Congratulations! It just looks awesome! Thanks for sharing.