Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Dear Santa,

Hope you're doing fine and all... I was wondering if you will bring me a book this year?
If not, (which would not be a big deal really) I will buy a book (or two) myself and put them under the tree and pretend I am surprised when I open the presents. I will even make up a message to write into the book cover to give it a personal touch.

Thinking about it... I have a brilliant idea. Amazon (or another online book provider - nothing wrong with competition!) should offer a surprise book service. It would know what books I own, which ones are on my wish list and if I wanted to surprise myself with a book it would choose one it thinks I might like.
Or even better! As a customer you sign up to get one of the books on your wishlist sent to you but you won't know which one! That'd be really cool! They really should do that...

Lots of Love


Santa said...

Dear Ally,

I am doing fine, thanks for asking 'and all'.
Now, I can't find my Naughty or Nice list so am not entirely sure if you even should get a present this year. But let's pretend you're on the Nice list and you do deserve a present.

Upon request, I have been informed by my trusty elves that you have entire shelves filled with books that you have not yet read. Again, my trusty elves have also coughed up the info that those books have been complaining BITTERLY about the neglect you are subjecting them to. In fact, many of them are extremely jealous whenever new books appear (an extremely regular occurrence, it seems) so if you find some of your books mistreated or vandalized, know it was done by their own peers.

Now, I know you have a big heart and want to give a good home to as many books as possible. Yet think of all the poor books you have banished into storage or into the attic because you simply haven't got the space to keep them close. Do they really deserve that kind of treatment?

My advice to you, Santa to human, is... read the books you own first. Use Amazon (or other retailers) to keep track of those you wish to buy in the future and only when you can say you have one or two left to read, should you proceed with new purchases.

As a book lover myself (I do have to keep myself busy somehow throughout the other 364 days of the year), I sincerely hope you will follow my advice and will not be too upset when, on Christmas morning, no books for you shall be found under your Christmas tree.
Think of it as your own Christmas present to your already owned books. They will have the best Christmas they can remember!

With chilly greetings from the North Pole,


Anonymous said...

Kann ich hier irgendwo "gefällt mir" klicken? :-)
LG, Simone