Thursday, 1 December 2011

Dear Santa, (II)

First of all - thanks for answering. You rock!

In my defence - there are NO books in the attic - it's quite damp up there and last time I checked thre was an alarming amount of wasps and bees (not to mention the spiders) - all of which I wouldn't subjugate my precious books to. And yes, there may be one or two boxes in storage but that's only because I'm not likely to read them in the next few months (and to be honest, they are mostly Julian's books as well. But don't tell him that, ok? It's not like he re-reads his books... so stop judging me!).

There may be one or two shelves with unread books but, as you are an avid reader yourself, you will understand that one is not in the mood for any book when one is looking for a good read. I pick and choose my books quite carefully listening to my inner self and what mood I'm in.
It's a bit like on Fridays before you've done the big food shopping and all that's left in the fridge is a bottle of ketchup, some olives and some beers. You could of course make a meal out of these three ingredients but somehow that doesn't feel right on a Friday night so instead you go and get some more inspiration. Give yourself the luxury of choice so that when you open the fridge you are certain that you will find something you'd enjoy eating.

Otherwise what would life be? A drab series of days eating olives, ketchup and beer every day... that's what.

Looking forward to my book for Christmas!
Love, Ally

P.S.: I've seen "Frozen Planet" yesterday on BBC One - your house looks very disappointing.
What's with all the flags? Are these your sponsors?

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