Thursday, 6 June 2013

MMMay '13 final

Well, what can I say... I planned to make three garments in May and I only made two. But I did make two cardigans (first one will not be shown to anyone).
The other one - this one's for you Tania - you can have a look below.
I've worn it quite a bit since I've made it although I am far from happy with it. I am still working on my ideal, cozy, comfy cardi with pockets... until then, this will do.


Tania said...

It's looking good! Glad you're wearing it tons too :)

zora R said...

The cardigan looks good. I love cardigans, they are so easy to wear. I find a jacket to constricting and I always need a bit of a cover up at work. I am glad you are getting a lot of use out of your one Ally. I am making one at the moment, but it is not coming together as quickly as I would like.

Ally said...

Thanks ladies! Good luck with your cardi Zora, what pattern are you using?