Sunday, 19 May 2013

MMMay'13 - I made a top!

Burda 2/2013, 126 Raglan Top

My first of the three announced makes for MMMay'13 and I kinda like it. Although, as with every other top, I will have to finally come to terms with adding an FBA before I even start...
That's going to be a bit easier once I have done my Bodice Block Class (planned for end of July/August) but until then I think for ease of life, I will make muslins, and if they're wearable, awesome! I have too much fabric in my stash that I'm not using anyway and am enjoying making and wearing my me-mades, even if they're not perfect.
With more experience, I hope that I will be able to create garments that fit from the start.

Anyways... getting philosophical here... Burda raglan top with gathers at the shoulder seams back and front.

The fabric I used I bought in East London, South Africa almost exactly one year ago!!! It was some soft teal knit but quite transparent so that I had to line (is that the right word?) the front and back pieces with another piece of the same fabric (I had enough fabric) which makes for a very soft top. Feels a bit like wearing a hug really... I have a couple of meters of the same fabric in stone/grey colour. Maybe a cardi?
I didn't bother finishing the hem - yet. I had this fabulous idea of cutting the outer layers longer than the inner layers and then connecting them on the inside, leaving the hem a bit like in this H&M top... see what I mean?

 But that didn't quite work out as planned... so maybe next time!

In a desperate attempt to find a place to use my phone as a camera (It had to be indoors in the end) I managed to take a picture when I was pulling a weird face - great!

See that? Same old, same old. Should've really thought of that beforehand. Very narrow shoulders means there's loads of fabric floating around.
Keep thinking of Ann from The Great British Sewing Bee - take your time to measure upfront, the result will be worth it.


Tania said...

It turned out well! :)

Anonymous said...

toll, dass du wieder was gemacht hast! happy mmm13 ; )
viele grüße, j.a.h.!

Ally said...

Liebe j.a.h.,

schoen dich hier zu sehen! Noch mehr in der Mache.
Lieben Gruss an m-l.a.h und t.a.h. xxx

Ally said...

Thanks Tania! Your advice was invaluable.

Claire (aka Seemane) said...

Ally, that's a cute t-shirt :) I made the same pattern (unblogged) back in January too - plan to make a few more soon.

P.S. Where are you doing your course please(I'm curious)?

Ally said...

Hi Claire,

Oooh! I'd love to see your version!
I signed up for Sew Over It end of July/beg. of August the Sunday one. Zoe is teaching it! Wanna join? Presumably you already have your bodice block.

I would've loved to come to your Brighton meetup! How was it?!